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10 Remedies for Dry Mouth


8. Rosemary Rinse.

Dentists recommend mouthwash to help decrease the amount of bad bacteria present in your mouth, which is pretty standard hygiene. However, many mouthwashes contain alcohol and chemicals that are known to dry the mouth cells (this is how the bad breath cells die in your mouth). One little side effect from this standard oral hygiene is frequent dry mouth, but there are other methods to use in order to get oral hygiene complete and to prevent dry mouth. Consider making your own homemade mouthwash that includes rosemary, mint, and aniseed with some boiling water to create a nice paste. Use one teaspoon of each combined with two cups of boiling water and let the combination steep just as you would do with tea. Strain the mixture, allow it to cool, and gargle as you normally would throughout the day.