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11 Common Symptoms of Strep Throat


5. Swollen Tonsils.

Your mouth is one of the most susceptible areas of the body, considering it is a fast and easy method for entering the body without too much harm. Your tonsils hang out in the corners of your mouth and function to collect germs that may try to enter your body via the mouth. The tonsils are highly loaded with molecules and enzymes that zap most infections; however, when strep throat enters the mouth in larger quantities, then the tonsils will be overworked. This could lead to swollen tonsils, which is simply a buildup of tissue in this area. Swelling in your tonsils may not be a bad thing, as it is your body trying to fight off the infection, but if you notice that your tonsils are swollen, you may want to have your doctor look at them to determine why they may be swollen.