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11 Causes of Blood in Your Stool

The first time you’ve ever seen brightly colored stool may have freaked you out. It’s okay to be concerned since it’s not the most pleasant sight. In fact, you may be relieved to hear that this is more common than you think. In addition, the symptoms often range from harmless to mild. With that said, it’s still important to identify the cause and get checked to make sure it’s nothing serious. In some cases, the cause can be something as serious as colon cancer.

In many cases, the cause is something mild such as an anal fissure or a hemorrhoid. Sometimes, the bleeding comes from somewhere higher in your digestive tract, such as your stomach or small colon. Usually, finding blood in your stool isn’t painful and is accompanied by a common digestive disorder or diarrhea. In this article, we will give you the common causes of blood in your stool. These causes range from mild to severe. Either way, it’s important to get checked just to be safe.


Diverticulitis is when one of the pouches in your lower intestine becomes inflamed or infected. Symptoms for diverticulitis include fever, nausea, and pain in the abdomen. The severity of Diverticulitis ranges quite a bit. At the mild stage, it can be treated with a good diet and rest. At its more severe stages, a hospital visit may be required. In some cases, you may need surgery to treat your Diverticulitis.