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11 Health Benefits of Vitamin E

If aging or damaged skin is becoming a major concern, adding vitamin E into your diet may be the solution to help prevent or even reverse many of the effects of cell deterioration. One of the primary theories behind why we succumb to aging is the prevalence of free radicals in our body. These molecules are uncharged and without an electron. In the search for an electron, they attack healthy cells to take over their charge, causing damage throughout the body. While their main victim lies in the skin, free radicals can also damage organs and leave the body susceptible to disease. Vitamin E is able to disable the production of free radicals with its antioxidant powers, protecting the cells from oxidative damage.

Vitamin E also protects cells in many other areas of the body such as the hair, muscles, nervous system, nails and can even help keep hormones balanced meaning a person who is taking good amounts of vitamin E feels more energetic, maintains healthy weight and has less illnesses and conditions particularly those concerned with the skin. Even more interesting, Vitamin E can help with other ailments, which affect aging people such as Alzheimer’s and vision deterioration by prolonging onset of the symptoms.

Vitamin E can be found in a number of oils such as Wheat germ oil, Canola oil, Sunflower oil as well as Almond Oil. If you are looking at adding Vitamin E to the diet, Peanuts, leafy greens and avocados have especially high levels of vitamin E.

Repairs Damaged Skin

Glowing, flawless skin is more than just the work of optimal genetics. Vitamin E cannot only strengthen skin to improve moisture and elasticity; it can also help prevent the natural signs of aging. The reasoning behind this is vitamin E’s ability to promote cell regeneration thereby reducing any damage caused from sunlight or inflammation, which can be the result of harmful chemicals or even skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Vitamin E can also be an effective treatment for sunburn caused from overexposure to UV rays. Rather than turning to chemical solutions to treat skin conditions or reverse the signs of aging, increase vitamin E in your diet.