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11 Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you know what psoriasis is. Psoriasis is that auto-immune disease that will cause inflammation in your skin. As a result, your skin becomes red, flaky, and even scaly. Nobody likes dealing with the irritation psoriasis can cause. The tricky part is, there is no official cure. For now, only home remedies and certain solutions can ease the pain and rid the symptoms.

In this article, we will give you those remedies. Best of all? They are scientifically proven and natural. Creams and ointments can work, but many of them contain conflicting ingredients and chemicals. If you have the opportunity to get the same effects with natural home remedies, why not take it? We are going to give you 11 remedies containing ingredients that are probably lying around your house. People react differently to each remedy, so feel free to try out as many as you’d like!

A Bath Full of Salt

Psoriasis can cause some pretty nasty itching and dryness. You’ve probably taken care of that with a nice warm bath. What you might not have done is pour some Epsom salt along with your bath. Epsom salt, or other natural salts, will help ease the itching and dryness along with a warm bath. Simply pour two cups of Epsom salt in your bath and you’re good to go.