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12 Signs of Skin Cancer

2. Know the ABCDEs.

You learned this when you were much younger, but your ABCDEs are an important way to assess certain marks on your skin. To start off the acronym, A means asymmetry. This is meant to explain that any marking or skin mole that has an asymmetrical shape is a possible sign of skin cancer. The B stands for borders, implying that any irregularly shaped borders on a skin marking demonstrates possible skin cancer. The C represents a color change in the mole or marking. The D stands for diameter and any mole or skin lesion that is larger than a standard pencil eraser indicates possible skin cancer. Lastly, the E is the evolution of the mole and it can range from anything from where the mole starts from. Use these ABCDEs to help assess your skin informally and report it to your doctor for further evaluation.