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15 Ways to Reduce Risk of a Stroke


One of the biggest and most devastating causes of physical disability in older adults is due to a stroke and it is a major health problem for many individuals. A stroke occurs usually as a result of a broken piece of tissue (thrombus) that travels in the arteries of the brain. Once a stroke begins to present itself, it is important to seek help immediately and dial 911 because the more time that is lost, the more functioning you could lose as a result. Many people become paralyzed on one or both sides of the body and may even lose speech, depending on where the stroke affects the brain. Listed below are 15 ways to reduce your overall risk of a stroke.

1. Alcohol.

There are a number of health benefits of drinking alcohol that have made the news in recent years and the great thing is alcohol can actually help to reduce your overall risk of having a stroke. The key to drinking alcohol to gaining this benefit is to drink in moderation, so make sure to have the self-control for this otherwise your risk will dramatically increase. Alcohol contains chemical compounds that help to relax the body, lower blood pressure, and generally induce a healthy effect on your vasculature. If you enjoy alcohol, it is best to limit yourself to a glass of wine over other options since wine usually has the most health benefits.