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11 Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts of Chia Seeds

Out of all the different types of seeds out there, chia seeds are among the most nutrient-packed. Not only are chia seeds packed with fiber, they also contain multiple essential nutrients such as Manganese, calcium, and phosphorus. On top of that, chia seeds are full of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s are vital when it comes to reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Many foods out there contain more omega 6’s than omega 3’s, which will greatly imbalance the ratio. Chia seeds help when it comes to balancing that ratio. When you see that chia seeds can balance omega ratios, get your bowels running smoothly and give you essential nutrients, how can you not add them to your diet? In this article, we will be going more in depth to the benefits of regularly eating these nutritionally dense seeds.

High In Calcium

Calcium is important for helping you grow strong bones and teeth. On top of vital bones, getting your daily dose of calcium can also prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. One serving contains 19% daily value of calcium.

With a handful of chia seeds, a significant fraction of calcium is already taken care of.

Add a serving of chia seeds along with a cup of milk, or maybe some cheese, and you’ll be well on your way to getting the calcium you need for strong bones and teeth.