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10 Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts About Beets

Beets enjoy a well-known reputation for being a root vegetable that offers a number of health and nutritional benefits. In fact, it is not only the red beet root part that yields therapeutic effects but the greens are also among the healthiest part of the plant.

For people looking to include healthier options in their diet, beets are an ideal recommendation since they contain a number of vitamins, minerals and organic compounds like betaine, carotenoids, land lutein among others. Given below are some of the health benefits that these important nutrients can yield.

1. Anti-cancer properties

Beets owe their deep crimson color to powerful phytonutrients which also provide this vegetable with its cancer fighting potential. Beets contain a high percentage of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds which help reduce the risk of specific types of cancers while offering protection against noxious carcinogens.

The extract from beetroot has been studied to prevent cell mutations and retard the development of tumors. Its therapeutic properties include detoxification and protection of cells against cancer development.