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Your Income and Your Hometown Determine How Long You’ll Live


A recently completed study, published in the Journal of The American Medical Association, shows that two simple factors have a much bigger impact on a person’s lifespan than previously believed. For most Americans, longevity is directly affected by their income and the town where they live. The study found that across the country, the richer people are, the longer they ...

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13 Foods That Cleanse Your Liver


The liver is an incredibly hard-working organ that is often forgotten about. It’s of course important to eat well for the sake of your heart, and to avoid smoking for the sake of your lungs, but your liver needs help, too. Despite being able to regenerate damaged parts of itself, the liver needs as much help as possible from the ...

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12 Daily Habits You Need to Avoid

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As we all go through life, we find ourselves creating habits that are normal to our everyday routine. These habits can be good for our health; some can be bad for our health and some can just not impact our health at all. There are many habits that people have begun for whatever reason, and these habits could be harming ...

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11 Great Calf Exercises You Can Do At Home or In the Gym

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Flex your legs; if they bear resemblance to the legion of leg-starved bros in America, your calves are in need of some major makeover, a complete overhaul. Believe it or not, it is a code red pandemic. Since your calf muscles are insanely obstinate when it comes to growing or toning, people get exasperated and give up. A predilection to ...

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11 Ab Exercises That Burn Belly Fat

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It seems that for some people, no matter how hard they toil at the machines and despite the muscle mass they labor to put on, one problematic area of the body seems too obstinate to tone up- their bellies! It can be really exasperating to deplete hours working up covetable abs, only for them to remain shrouded behind the unflattering ...

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11 Poisonous Drinks We Commonly Consume


Shopping in the store is something we do week after week so that we can eat, drink, and enjoy our day. The store commonly markets and sells healthy products to its consumers in order to provide a safe and high quality product. However, not everything sold in the store is safe to eat and in fact, there are probably a ...

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Top 15 Restaurant Food Poisoning Outbreaks of All-Time

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Food poisoning outbreaks are a major problem around the nation and when a particular outbreak sets in, it can affect a large population in a hurry. Fortunately, the media is quick to report food poisoning outbreaks when they arrive and many people only consume small amounts as a result. Food poisoning can come from a wide range of products including ...

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12 Most Dangerous Diets & Weight Loss Tips

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Diet and weight loss programs are a major part of a healthy lifestyle. With healthcare costs hitting all-time highs, it is important to find a lifestyle that promotes health, wellness, and vitality. Two of the most common areas involved with a healthy lifestyle are proper dieting and exercise. Many organizations and professionals recommend healthy eating to go along with proper ...

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10 Signs of Blood Clots In The Leg


A blood clot in the large veins of the leg is commonly known as a Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. DVT’s can dislodge and travel throughout the body, lodging themselves in the brain, heart or lung, making them potentially extremely dangerous. These are the top 10 signs that you may have developed a blood clot in your leg, telling you that ...

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10 Signs of Heart Disease


Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the U.S. and around the world. It’s actually not one disease, but rather a group of conditions that effects the heart. The diseases under this umbrella can range from congenital heart defects, which may appear at birth or early in life, to problems that show up later in life and can often ...

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