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12 Headache Remedies


Too often, a headache is pushed aside as being something that mildly affects your daily routine, but when your head is pounding, it could be quite uncomfortable. While headaches tend to differ from person to person, the pain that you get from a headache can be burdensome, especially if you are trying to concentrate on tasks. There is relatively little ...

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10 Remedies for Dry Mouth


Your mouth is exposed to many things throughout the day; as you breathe in and out, your mouth is exposed to large amounts of air and contaminants that can simply create problems from within. Dry mouth is a problem that occurs when your salivary glands aren’t working as efficiently as they should be, but do not be alarmed, this is ...

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12 Natural Remedies for Bloating


Bloating is a condition of the abdominal area in which the stomach may appear as though it is protruding outward more than usual. This can be a side effect of menstruation, gas, or following a bulky meal. When bloating affects you, it can lead to uncomfortable situations and it can have you feeling down. It seems that everyone is affected ...

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11 Natural Remedies for Kidney Pain

Celery Seed with Onions

The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long — about the size of a fist. The kidneys’ function is to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body’s fluid ...

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11 Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure


Hypertension can affect us at many points in our lives. Sometimes caused by stress other times caused by poor diet and lifestyle. Hypertension can bring headaches and other low-key symptoms however the main risk is behind long term, untreated high blood pressure. While high blood pressure can also be caused by genetic factors, most cases are related to excessive salt, ...

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12 Treatments for an Ingrown Toenail

Woman at spa with done manicure and pedicure

Ingrown toenails occur when the edge, or the corner, of a nail grows downward into the skin, causing inflammation and pain. They more commonly affect adult men, but women, and occasionally adolescents and children, can also suffer from the condition. The big toe is the most likely to be affected, followed by the little toe. Ingrown toenails can have a ...

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12 Home Remedies for a Cold Sore

dry mouth

Cold sores, also called fever sores, are small sores that appear on the lips. They start out as a small red swelling, like a pimple, and grow into a blister-like sore that later breaks open, leaking a clear fluid. A scab then forms, but as it dries it often repeatedly cracks and bleeds, causing pain and discomfort. They can be ...

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10 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga


When it comes to living an active and healthy lifestyle, there are many ways that people swear by in order to have the “best” of this or that. Some individuals swear by a clean diet, low carb fads, whereas some simply lead a healthy lifestyle by obeying the rules of a religion. Leading a healthy and happy life entails many ...

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11 Health Benefits of Vitamin E

Orange juice

If aging or damaged skin is becoming a major concern, adding vitamin E into your diet may be the solution to help prevent or even reverse many of the effects of cell deterioration. One of the primary theories behind why we succumb to aging is the prevalence of free radicals in our body. These molecules are uncharged and without an ...

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11 Natural Remedies for Back Pain


Out of all muscle and joint pains out there, back pain is the most common. More often than not, lower back pain is the culprit when it comes to fairly active adults. Back pain is so common because your back is used with just about every activity you do. Even as you sit to read this article, your back is ...

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