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11 Natural Remedies for Hiccups

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Hiccups, or synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF), is the involuntary contraction of the muscles that separates the chest from the abdomen (also known as the diaphragm) and may continue for several minutes. The sound of the hiccup is produced by the diaphragm contraction that causes the air to be breathed in quickly followed by the sudden closure of the vocal cords. ...

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11 Home Remedies for a Cough


The sudden repetitively occurring reflex that clears the throat of any contaminant is called a cough. It helps eject contaminants such as mucus, fluids, or foreign particles from the throat. The cough reflex contains three steps: first is the inhalation, followed by the forced exhalation against a closed glottis (the part of the larynx consisting of the vocal cords and ...

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10 Natural Remedies for an Ear Infection


The presence of viruses or bacteria in the middle ear is the most common trigger for ear infections. These invasive agents may be found due to excess wax buildup in the ear, upper respiratory tract infections, or even certain types of food allergies. Typical symptoms include sleep disruptions, pain in the affected area, minor to severe headaches and fever. Symptoms ...

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11 Natural Remedies for Back Pain


Throughout your long and glorious life, there are times when you may feel or have felt aches and pains. Some of these aches and pains are more serious than others, but when the pain becomes intense, it can really inhibit daily life. One of the most commonly described reasons for generalized pain is in the back area, especially the low ...

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10 Natural Ways to Stop Snoring


Getting a restful night of sleep is an important element of your life. Without proper sleep, the body is unable to effectively heal, grow new cells, and fight off infection. However, when you sleep, there is a chance that snoring may be causing you or your partner to lose out on the restful night that is needed for optimal performance ...

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10 Natural Ways to Cure Hiccups


There are many interesting things that the body does in order to communicate what is going on. For example, hiccups are a natural thing the body does to communicate that more air is needed in the body, or that you ate or drank too quickly. Hiccups are defined as a fierce contraction of the diaphragm, which causes a quick, repetitive ...

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11 Home Remedies for Toothaches


Your teeth play an important role in your life. For one, your teeth are necessary so that you can enjoy meals and eat food. Second, your teeth play a huge role in your appearance, which can be an important factor in many ways. With proper care, your teeth shine bright and look amazing, but when they are sore due to ...

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12 Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy is common in all the US states, except Alaska, and anyone venturing out into the woods in spring and summer is likely to come into contact with it. Not only does it grow in woods, it’s also found along verges and in gardens, especially in rural areas. Poison ivy is recognizable by the leaf formation. Each leaf stem ...

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12 Natural Remedies for a Bee Sting

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Thankfully, bees are part of our world, without them we’d be in serious trouble. This is because bees are the primary pollinators of our food crops; no bees equals no fruit, vegetables, grains or cereals. For most people being stung by a bee isn’t serious, the pain only lasts a short while and, depending on how much venom has entered ...

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11 Natural Ways to Lower Stress

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Stress is conceivably the biggest health challenge facing us today. Stress is implicated in all chronic diseases, which cause more deaths in the world than any other factor. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that over 60% of all deaths are a result of chronic diseases. Not only can stress affect physical health, it also plays a major role ...

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