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15 Ways to Reduce Risk of a Stroke


One of the biggest and most devastating causes of physical disability in older adults is due to a stroke and it is a major health problem for many individuals. A stroke occurs usually as a result of a broken piece of tissue (thrombus) that travels in the arteries of the brain. Once a stroke begins to present itself, it is ...

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15 Most Common Phobias


It is natural for humans to have some sort of fear and regardless of what the fear is, it could dramatically impact your daily life. There are a wide range of movies that are geared to some of the more common fears that people have, which underscores the number of fears that are currently known and out there. In light ...

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10 Things to Know When Choosing a Fitness Tracker


Technology circulates and entrenches our daily lives and technology is here to help enhance daily lives to make everything fun and efficient. The new technology craze nowadays is with fitness trackers; you may have seen these around wrists, arms, or even on your incredibly smart, smart phone. A fitness tracker is exactly as it seems; its primary function is to ...

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15 Sore Throat Natural Remedies

Young woman with a sore throat drinking tea

Sore throat results from an inflammation in the affected area. This can be caused by either bacterial or viral infections or may be triggered by conditions like acid reflux, excessive shouting or even pollutants like smoke. While the condition can be very uncomfortable and distressing, there are a number of true and tried home remedies that can provide quick and ...

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11 Natural Remedies for a Canker Sore

Herbal tea made from sage in glass cup

Canker sores are painful ulcers which occur inside the mouth. The affected skin becomes red and inflamed and can appear with a white or yellowish spot in the middle. The pain from canker sores can last for a few days while the ulcer itself can heal in a week’s time sans treatment. However, to speed up recovery and abate the ...

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10 Best Treatments for Hair Loss

Lavender flowers with essential oil

Hair is a normal feature on the human body and while hair serves a purpose for human health and wellness, it is generally considered to be a part of the body merely for aesthetics. Every single day, the human body grows new strands of hair, which of course follows the process of hair shedding and falling out. Generally, hair growth ...

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15 Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

Homemade Fermented Raw Kombucha Tea

One of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing problems with health to have is recurrent diarrhea. When diarrhea sets in, urgency becomes something that is necessary, which means finding a nearby restroom is critical. Recurrent and long-lasting diarrhea can be something that interferes with daily life including preventing physical activity and causing an inability to concentrate at work or school. While ...

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15 Natural Remedies for Cramps

Japanese Open Air Hot Spa

Your body tells you many things throughout the day and some of the more common signs your body gives you is in the form of pain. Whether it is muscular or deeper in the bones, when it comes to pain, it makes for tough times. Another sign your body gives off for a number of reasons is cramps. Cramps can ...

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15 Natural Remedies for Lice

Ayurvedic Herbs Neem with Oil

When it comes to having kids, you are likely no stranger to some of the illnesses and germs that they bring home with them. For kids, living an active lifestyle at a young age is something that every kid should enjoy, which means bumps are likely to occur, sicknesses strike their health, and of course, lice. Lice are a flourishing ...

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15 Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Washing hands

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. They allow you to see objects and function visually. Aesthetically, your eyes are the one part of you that defines who you are. Your eyes contain a black pupil, which adjusts to light and other environmental elements; the iris, which is the colored portion of your eyes; and ...

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