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11 Common Symptoms of Lupus


Lupus is a common connective tissue disorder that is characterized by a variety of factors. While the term lupus is short for systemic lupus erythematosus, it is characterized under the broad scope of inflammatory conditions known as arthritis. While lupus may not appear to be the most widespread of conditions around, there is a prevalence of 1.5 million, which makes ...

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11 Common Symptoms of Shingles


Shingles is a condition that affects a wide range of adults who have been infected by the varicella zoster virus. This virus is a highly common virus that presents in young children as the chicken pox. As you may know, once you have chicken pox, you are immune to the condition from there on. However, the immunity to chicken pox ...

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11 Symptoms of Celiac Disease


Following your health can be an easy task and usually if you consume something that causes your stomach to become upset, you will know to avoid the food in the future. However, when your upset stomach issues become over-bearing and painful, then it could be a reason to look into celiac disease. Celiac disease is a rare and uncommon issue ...

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11 Symptoms of Angina

Pretty blonde woman having breath difficulties

Heart disease is a serious condition of the heart that affects more adults than any other condition. The death rate from heart disease is the highest of all conditions and often times, you have no clue you have disease of your heart without having regular checkups. One of the biggest warning signs that you can get that tell you something ...

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10 Symptoms of Fibroids


Fibroid is a highly common condition that affects the lining of the uterus. Considered to be classified as benign and a non-cancerous growth, many women tend to have this condition affect them at some point during their lifetime. There are some additional monikers of fibroid including leiomyoma and myoma, but any of these terms suffice in the medical world. A ...

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11 Common Symptoms of Strep Throat


The mouth is exposed to a variety of environmental elements, molecules, and bacteria, which provides a direct path to the inside of the body once it reaches deep in the mouth cavity. While a number of bacteria are unable to survive once inside the body, there are some that can survive, flourish, and cause illness in a hurry. Strep throat ...

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10 Symptoms of an Aneurysm


An aneurysm is a serious health event that can affect many individuals in many different ways, suggesting that it is hard to pin-point when simply looking at symptoms. There are a number of different areas in the body that can be at risk for an aneurysm, with one of the most common being in the brain area. An aneurysm is ...

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11 Causes of Shoulder Pain

Young woman with neck pain

Some of you may be experiencing shoulder pain for the first time. Others are no stranger to it. Whichever one you are, there’s one thing everybody can agree with. Shoulder pain is not pleasant to deal with. You may not know it, but you use your shoulders for just about everything you do. You work out, pick up heavy objects, ...

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11 Causes of Blood in Your Stool


The first time you’ve ever seen brightly colored stool may have freaked you out. It’s okay to be concerned since it’s not the most pleasant sight. In fact, you may be relieved to hear that this is more common than you think. In addition, the symptoms often range from harmless to mild. With that said, it’s still important to identify ...

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12 Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure


The term heart failure might sound frightening as though sudden death is imminent, however heart failure simply means the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood around the body to maintain the blood flow, keeping all the cells and organs satisfied. Since the organs have their jobs to perform, insufficient blood flow, the fuel for the cells, means the organs ...

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