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11 Early Signs of Depression

Woman looking stressed with technology

While many of us go through waves of feeling sad, down or depressed there is a well defined line between having a bad day and clinical depression. While it is completely normal to feel depressed to various events that may throw your life into turmoil, such as losing a loved one, unexpected changes to lifestyle or an injury that changed ...

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11 Symptoms of Leukemia

Senior man having flu

Leukemia is comprised of a group of cancers originating from the marrow of the bone. As the bone marrow is the place blood cells are developed, the disruption to this process can lead to abnormal white blood cells being developed and produced uncontrollably. These white blood cells can place pressure on other types of blood cells such as red blood ...

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11 Symptoms of Bursitis

Patient with painful knee

The human body is equipped with protective parts that help to prolong the longevity of the many joints in the body. One of the most important structures in every joint of the human body is a bursa. A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that protects the bones and joint space and over time, the bursa can become at risk for ...

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11 Signs of Food Poisoning

Feeling awful stomachache. Frustrated young woman holding hands on stomach and looking at camera while standing isolated on white

Food preparation is a delicate subject in many aspects of the industry. For one, food preparation in restaurants is something that happens with every shift and meal throughout the day. At home, food preparation could be how you cut vegetables, prepare and store meat, and marinate certain foods. Any food preparation has some risk of creating bacterial growth, which is ...

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11 Signs of Ringworm

Worried woman looking at fingers nails obsessing about cleanliness

There are a number or illnesses and conditions out there that simply make the skin crawl upon hearing the name. Ringworm is one of those conditions and often it causes individuals to be grossed out simply just hearing the name of the infection. While the name sounds quite bad, ringworm is a condition that actually is caused by a fungus, ...

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11 Signs of Lyme Disease

Woman Scraching her Self

Lyme disease is an infection that is caused from bites from a tick, which can be a nasty condition if it is left untreated. Sometimes it is hard to detect Lyme disease and if you suspect that you have the condition, you will want to seek help from your doctor, nurse, or qualified healthcare provider so that you can get ...

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10 Symptoms of Hernias

This kind of illness is very serious

A hernia occurs when an underlying organ or fatty tissue pushes through the covering muscle layer and produces a lump or localized swelling on the surface. Alternatively a hernia can occur when the top of the stomach pushes up past the diaphragm. This is termed a hiatal hernia and in this case there is no visible sign of the hernia. ...

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11 Symptoms of the Flu

Young woman with a sore throat drinking tea

You know it is that time of year again when your work colleagues and friends might vanish for a few days only discover they have all came down with the same virus – leading you to find yourself with the inevitable symptoms appearing one by one. Influenza or “the flu” as it is commonly known, effects people from all around ...

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10 Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Rehabilitation after wrist injury

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that affects the wrist and is often developed by people who work heavily with their hands, including builders, artists and those who type for long periods of time on their computer. It occurs as a result of repetitive stress and is defined by a multitude of symptoms. Specifically, the condition affects the carpal tunnel, ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Spider Bites

Frightening spider on the skin of hands.

Every spider is different, but what unifies most spiders is a nasty bite! No matter whether they’re small or large, spiders can cause a great deal of harm to humans through a venomous bite, and while many spiders may do not much more than irritate the skin slightly, some can cause fevers, pain, life-changing conditions and even death. The severity ...

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