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11 Symptoms of Asperger’s

Most prominently, individuals with Asperger’s syndrome tend to have significant trouble with social skills. Also, an obsessive focus on one topic or behavior can isolate these people from others.

Symptoms of this condition start early in life and for many people continue through their youth and adulthood. While some symptoms may be masked by age, others continue to be noticeable and can make social interactions very challenging to handle.

1. Inability to pick on social cues

The most noticeable symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome is perhaps the child’s inability to pick up on social cues. This can include a lack of inborn social skills such as being able to read other people’s body language, initiate or keep up a conversation, and turn taking when talking.

Since these common social cues that are obvious to other people but may be missed by an individual with Asperger’s, the person may be wrongly regarded as someone who is ill-mannered and self centered.