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15 Early Signs of Cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases which can bring about a number of signs and symptoms. Depending on the location of the cancer, along with its size and impact on affected organs, these symptoms may sometimes be general in nature or may appear specific to a particular organ or tissue.

With its growth, cancer starts to push on organs, nerves and blood vessels in the vicinity causing different symptoms. The treatment works best if the cancer is detected early, so here is a look at some symptoms of cancer, some of which can seem general while others are more specific to certain types of cancers:

1. Unexplained weight loss

This is a generic symptom for many health conditions. Having said that, it is noteworthy that most individuals with cancer will lose weight at some point. Weight loss that happens for no apparent reason should always be taken into account and checked by a medical professional.

In the case of cancer, an unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or greater could be one of the first apparent signs of the condition. Most often, this can happen to individuals suffering from stomach, pancreas, esophagus or lung cancers.