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10 Health Benefits of Kale

kale salad

Growing a garden can be easier than ever if you grow the right produce. One of the easiest and healthiest things you can grow in your garden is kale. Known for being able to survive in colder temperatures, kale is a dark leafy vegetable that makes a fine addition in a salad, smoothie, or as a side dish to your entree. In addition to being a great addition to many foods and drinks, kale is a great option as part of a healthy lifestyle. Listed below are 10 of the best health benefits of kale you can expect to help you with your healthy living.

1. Leaves.

First thing you may consider when you want to be healthy is to eat a salad. After all, a salad offers bountiful vitamins and minerals, is low in calories, and it usually is high on the fiber content. Being a green leafy vegetable, kale is a great companion in any salad and you can enjoy a salad mixture that is half mixed greens and half kale to gain the best bang for your health buck. If you are looking to start your journey on a healthy lifestyle, make sure to give kale a shot and follow with your energy levels along the way.