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10 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

When it comes to living an active and healthy lifestyle, there are many ways that people swear by in order to have the “best” of this or that. Some individuals swear by a clean diet, low carb fads, whereas some simply lead a healthy lifestyle by obeying the rules of a religion. Leading a healthy and happy life entails many factors, but one of the most important aspects in a healthy lifestyle is to be physically and mentally well. The best way to improve on physical and mental well-being is to take up yoga and practice regularly. Yoga has been around for centuries and the health benefits are plentiful. Listed below are 10 of the most important health benefits you can get from regular yoga practice.

1. Natural Pain Reliever.

As we progress into the age of advanced medicine and research, we have been finding study after study that shows the power of yoga for eliminating and reducing pain in the body. While the mechanism is still unknown, practicing yoga has been shown to reduce joint pain and inflammation among individuals with arthritis, not to mention for a number of other conditions. It is known that with deep breathing and light movements (poses), the body releases chemicals known as endorphins that help eliminate pain sensors in the body. In order to maximize your effort for reducing joint and body pain, consider practicing yoga at least three times per week and for best results, attempt yoga in the morning so that you can have the benefits last all day.