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10 Home Remedies for Allergies


When spring time nears, flowers begin to bloom and trees begin to grow. While this time of the year tends to be beautiful across the country, it can be a burden on daily allergies. Allergies are a nuisance that comes with life. They are small particles that can attach in your sinuses, cause you to feel not well, and they can even involve other parts of the body (more on that ahead). If you are like the millions of adults who suffer from seasonal (or even yearly) allergies, then pay extra attention ahead. Listed below are 10 natural remedies to try at home to combat allergies.

1. Garlic.

There are a number of reasons as to why you may have fresh garlic laying around, but if you have some garlic cloves that are not for a particular meal, then consider trying to use it for a home remedy for allergies. Garlic naturally contains compounds that fight off and prevent bacteria from harming the body, which can have a marked effect with allergies. In addition, garlic can pretty much ward off the rhinovirus (and others), which is the common virus known as the common cold. Consider eating about two whole garlic cloves weekly to help gain these important allergy fighting benefits and if you do not care for the taste of garlic, then you can try garlic supplementation.