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10 Most Common Symptoms of Spider Bites

Every spider is different, but what unifies most spiders is a nasty bite! No matter whether they’re small or large, spiders can cause a great deal of harm to humans through a venomous bite, and while many spiders may do not much more than irritate the skin slightly, some can cause fevers, pain, life-changing conditions and even death.

The severity of your symptoms will depend entirely on the kind of spider that bites you and how poisonous its venom is – assuming it has venom at all. It will also depend on the country you’re in, as the danger that comes with a spider bite depends also on the climate and the kind of spiders the country is home to.

One thing that you must remember to do if you’re bit by a spider is to call a doctor immediately. This list of 10 common symptoms of spider bite serve as a guide to what you might expect, but it is never worth risking your life and your health by waiting to contact a doctor after a bite. As soon as venom is injected into your bloodstream, it can cause serious problems.

So, be sure to take a look at these 10 most common symptoms of spider bites. Perhaps you have been bitten without realizing, and you’re experiencing the symptoms below. If you experience a number of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor immediately.

1. High temperature

When a venom invades your blood stream and starts affecting muscle and tissue all over your body, you will begin fighting back against this invading object. Your body will essentially start working overtime to neutralize this substance in the blood and stop it from causing you any harm.

As more energy is used to stop this invading venom, your body will develop a fever. This is exactly the same effect as when you go for a run, expending your energy and becoming hotter as a result.

The fever you experience will vary in severity depending on the kind of spider that bites you, and could last anywhere between a few hours and a few days. You might also experience a fever coming in and out in waves.