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10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

European Burmese

With its soft voice and inquisitive nature the European Burmese makes a delightful pet. It has soft velvety fur, large ears and big round eyes that will melt the heart of all who meet it – your guests will get this cats full attention whether they want it or not. The European Burmese is also noted for being a clever cat, learning new tricks and figuring out interactive toys like their were child’s play. Having this breed of cat will definitely give life and energy to your household.

Although, these top 10 breeds of cat are known for their intelligence, each cat is different. Before you bring one into your home be sure to research the breed thoroughly to get a better understanding of all it entails. Once you have made your decision seek out a reputable breeder or a rescue organization to adopt from. These breeds are sure to make a wonderful addition to any family.