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10 Symptoms of Fibroids


Fibroid is a highly common condition that affects the lining of the uterus. Considered to be classified as benign and a non-cancerous growth, many women tend to have this condition affect them at some point during their lifetime. There are some additional monikers of fibroid including leiomyoma and myoma, but any of these terms suffice in the medical world. A fibroid is described as having the potential of becoming quite large in many cases and while there can be one or multiple fibroids in one bout; they tend to be on the larger size when together. With that said, every woman needs to understand the symptoms of the condition. Listed below are 10 symptoms that you should be aware of with fibroids.

1. Constipation.

While there is more research needed with this particular symptom, a very commonly reported symptom among women with fibroids is constipation. While generalized constipation can be caused from a number of reasons (dehydration is a common reason for this), it can be caused from fibroid development in the uterus area. When fibroids grow, they often become large, which can create significant pressure in the rectal area and even cause constipation. If you notice that you have had been constipated lately or have had pain in the rectal area, then consider making an appointment with your doctor so that you can properly be treated.