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11 Common Symptoms of Strep Throat


The mouth is exposed to a variety of environmental elements, molecules, and bacteria, which provides a direct path to the inside of the body once it reaches deep in the mouth cavity. While a number of bacteria are unable to survive once inside the body, there are some that can survive, flourish, and cause illness in a hurry. Strep throat is commonly one of the most invasive bacteria that enter the body and once it enters this region, it tends to infect the tissue and cells inside the mouth and throat. It is a bacterial condition that may have you feeling ill, but without knowing the common signs and symptoms, it could be a condition in which you overlook. Listed below are 11 of the most common symptoms of strep throat that you should monitor if you are starting to feel under the weather.

1. Sore Throat.

The streptococcus bacterium is responsible for strep throat and if you are infected by this bacterium, you will need to seek out medical attention as soon as possible. One of the first symptoms you may notice with strep throat is a sore throat; which may or may not immediately indicate you have strep throat. During the cold and flu season, it is common to have a sore throat affect your body, so make sure to monitor your sore throat symptom as closely as possible so that you can make the proper treatment necessary. When the bacteria affect your mouth and subsequently your throat, you tend to feel the sore throat because the throat area is not very well protected and there are ample nutrients (oxygen and water) in this area.