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11 Health Benefits of Quinoa


One of the most popular foods to hit media in recent years is Quinoa. Grown primarily in South America, quinoa is a highly potent super grain that offers numerous health benefits that you may not be aware of. While South America is the primary place of origin for this super grain, there are parts of the U.S. including Colorado, California, and Oregon where production continues to flourish. Regardless of where the quinoa originates, you can expect to benefit from consuming this super grain often, especially if you are health conscious. Listed below are 11 of the best health benefits of quinoa that you may not have been aware of. Consider looking into making some for your next meal for a light and energized treat.

1. Protein.

Chances are if you are health minded, then you already know that protein is good for your body. Every cell in your body is made up of amino acids, many of which are provided by the body. However, there are a number of proteins that you must get from your dietary choices in order to meet your daily needs; these proteins are called essential amino acids. There are a number of foods that contain protein, but in order to build lean muscle and grow stronger, you must consume essential amino acids. If you consume a food choice that contains enough essential amino acids, then it is considered a complete protein. Quinoa is just this, which means that you get adequate protein from your diet without the saturated fats and cholesterol that meats offer.