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11 Poisonous Drinks We Commonly Consume

Shopping in the store is something we do week after week so that we can eat, drink, and enjoy our day. The store commonly markets and sells healthy products to its consumers in order to provide a safe and high quality product. However, not everything sold in the store is safe to eat and in fact, there are probably a number of items you may have never known were unsafe for you to eat. There are strict regulations on a number of food products sold in grocery stores and while these products are monitored more heavily, some products slip under the radar. Listed below are 11 drinks that you commonly consume that are actually dangerous and poisonous to your health.

1. Whole Cherry Beverages

There are a number of beverages that are created from the fresh product. Fruit beverages are the product that many chose to consume because it is a different way to consume healthy nutrients and they taste great. One thing that many are not aware of is that certain fruit juices can actually be damaging to your health and may actually be poisonous. Cherries are the fruit that can be poisonous to your health and the reasoning behind this is because of the seeds you consume in the drink. Many fruit drinks contain seeds and when the seeds are sourced from cherries, you are at risk for poisoning. Hydrogen cyanide is commonly released when you crush or chew the seeds of cherries, which forms a highly potent acid that can poison you in certain circumstances. Be aware of this commonly consumed beverage so that you do not get poisoning from the cherry seeds.