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11 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

2. You can’t quench your thirst

Ever had one of those thirsts that you just can’t quench, even if you’re drinking lots of water? Well that’s a sign that you have gone a long period of time without drinking enough water. This is the common symptom of being hungover, meaning that you have spent the evening drinking lots of alcohol and no water at all. Your body is dehydrated and the minute you wake up, your body will tell you to drink as much water as you can.

You’ll only quench that thirst when your fluid levels are back up to a healthy level.

infrequent urination

3. Infrequent urination

There’s such a thing as urinating too much, and urinating too little. If you don’t go to the bathroom between four and seven times each day, then you’re definitely not drinking enough water. The amount of water that is recommended each day is far more than the bladder and body can hold at the time, meaning you should be visiting relatively frequently.

And, you should see urine that is either a light yellow color, or completely clear. If the urine is a dark yellow, and you’re not urinating frequently, then you are dehydrated. This can cause urinary tract infections and will result in the requirement of medical treatment.