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11 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

8. It takes longer to recover from sickness

Noticed that it’s taking longer for you to recover from sickness than it normally does? Try drinking more water.

The water that you drink helps the body flush out waste products and toxins, essentially diluting the substance and removing it through urine. When you don’t drink enough water, this foreign substance stays in the body for longer and take longer to be completely removed, meaning you’ll find yourself feeling sicker for longer.

reduced muscle mass

9. Reduction in muscle mass

This is something you’ll probably only notice if you go to the gym regularly, but your muscle mass can certainly decease if you don’t drink enough water. Remember that drinking water is important before, during and after a workout. It also ensures that the whole body gets all the water it needs, which is really important if your body is going to build mass and stay strong. Water also helps reduce inflammation and soreness related to working out, making hydration an absolute must for anybody.