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11 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

10. Dry eyes

As well as a dry mouth, you are likely to experience dry eyes, if you don’t drink enough water. Think about it – if your body doesn’t have enough water to go around, then where will the tear ducts get the fluid from? There is only so much that the body can ‘borrow’ from the blood.

What happens is that your eyes become bloodshot and painful, your tear ducts dry up and it can feel like you have extremely fine grains of sand in your eye.

This is a problem for any person, but particularly for people who wear contact lenses. So if your eyes are dry, don’t just rub them – drink more water!

joint pain

11. Joint pain

Finally, you may notice joint pain. This occurs as a result of the spinal discs and cartilage in the body being made up of around 80% water. Naturally, in order for them to remain healthy, it’s necessary for you to consume plenty of water each day.

When you drink enough water, you ensure that your joints are able to absorb shocks, remain flexible and stay strong.