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11 Symptoms of Angina


Heart disease is a serious condition of the heart that affects more adults than any other condition. The death rate from heart disease is the highest of all conditions and often times, you have no clue you have disease of your heart without having regular checkups. One of the biggest warning signs that you can get that tell you something is not right is angina, which is also known as chest pain. While there are a number of factors that can lead to chest pain, the pain you get in your chest due to heart issues is quite significant and it comes on pretty fast. If you ever feel that you have any sort of chest pain, also known as angina, dial 911 and seek help immediately, especially if you suspect it to be from a heart problem. Listed below are 11 symptoms of angina, or 11 common things you could experience with angina that could suggest that you are having angina.

1. Fatigue.

There are reasons as to why you may feel tired throughout the day. You woke up early, maybe you had a mentally draining day, or maybe you went to bed late. Regardless of what is causing you to feel tired, you should never discard this health symptom. If your fatigue is affecting how you are functioning throughout the day, then maybe it is not due to how much sleep you had the night before. When this symptom is combined with other cardiac symptoms, there is a chance that you are feeling tired because your heart is not functioning as well as it should be, which is a big sign for immediate attention. While fatigue is not necessarily something to seek emergency help for, you should monitor it and if you notice it being chronic even after attempts to improve energy levels, then you should talk with your doctor.