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11 Health Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is an herb that is widely used for its medicinal and energy boosting properties. This is given the active ingredients in ginseng that have a chemical structure similar to that of human hormones. This enables ginseng to regulate hormonal activity in the body to some extent while also managing blood pressure, regulating insulin production, and increasing metabolism.

Here are some health benefits provided by including ginseng into the diet.

1. Energy booster

Ginseng can be very effective in countering the effects of fatigue, aging, hormonal balance and stress. Studies have shown that when consumed on a regular basis, ginseng can increase energy levels, improve performance while decreasing mental fatigue.

For herbalists and traditional healers, ginseng has long been considered a rejuvenating and strength giving food that helps alleviate a number of complaints like low energy levels, fatigue, headaches and memory problems.

In terms of energy consumption, ginseng can help athletes use oxygen more effectively which can increase energy levels. The same can also help athletes lower their recovery time.