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12 Home Remedies for Dizziness


There are a number of reasons why you are under the weather, but when you are feeling ill due to dizziness then it could have you feeling down for the entire day, week, etc. Dizziness varies in symptoms for each person, but when it comes about, it can sure cause some issues. You may feel dizziness come about when you are light headed, wobbly, or even fatigued, all of which are symptoms. While having brief moments of dizziness may not be a potential issue with your health, chronic dizziness can be something that warrants a trip to the doctor’s office. If you have been having symptoms of dizziness for any period of time, consider consulting with your doctor for help. Listed below are 12 home remedies that you can try for dizziness.

1. Rehydrate.

One of the most common symptoms of dizziness is dehydration, which can cause your blood volume to severely decrease. When your blood volume drops due to dehydration, you place yourself at risk for becoming dizzy, among other things. Consider rehydrating slowly by sipping on water, fruit juice, or a sports drink. Avoid chugging large gulps of fluids in a short period of time as this can cause dehydration to become worse. If you are dizzy due to being dehydrated, consider drinking fresh cool water throughout the day and monitor how much you take in. If your symptoms of dizziness subside, then there is no need to repeat, but if they persist, consider consulting with your doctor.