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12 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones


Your organs each play a vital role for health and vitality and many of the organs in your body work together to help you to feel at your best. Your kidneys play an important role in regulating your blood volume, which can have a huge impact on blood pressure, heart functioning, and overall energy levels. In addition to regulating blood volume, the kidneys function to control the amount of liquid in your body. When the body signals dehydration, your kidneys are stimulated to retain water. In contrast, when your body detects too much fluid or diuretics in your body, your kidneys are signaled to increase urine output, which will cause you to visit the bathroom more often. While most people are born with two functioning kidneys, it is important to keep these organs as healthy as possible to help maintain optimal health and to prevent conditions from affecting you. Listed below are 12 remedies to try to help keep your kidneys healthy so you can avoid kidney stones.

1. Fresh Pomegranate.

One of the best options to maintain proper health of your kidneys is to consume fresh pomegranate fruit or the juice of a fresh pomegranate. The acidic nature of this fruit is quite high, which can essentially fight off any infection that may be causing kidney stones or any other condition that affects the kidneys. Consider having a fresh pomegranate every day or so to help fight off kidney stones. If you prefer, consider having a full glass of pomegranate juice daily to help clean out your kidneys and the urinary tract. You can enjoy a fresh glass of sparkling pomegranate juice when you mix one half glass of juice with one half glass of sparkling water.