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14 Causes of Leg Pain

A typical work schedule can be quite bothersome on the body over the years. Standing on your feet, moving around, and sometimes even sitting can cause some pretty bad issues with your lower body. Your legs are the most important body part by far and while you can survive and function without optimal working legs, it can make for a bad day when they become painful. Leg pain is one of the most commonly reported pains around, just distant to the ever coveted lower back pain and if lower leg pain affects you then consider reading on. Listed below are 14 common reasons why you could have chronic leg pain.

1. Your Job Requires you to be on your Feet.

There are some great perks to your health when you have a career that has you being active. The blood flow and physical work can surely help keep you fit and help to prevent any metabolic conditions. However, when you are active or on your feet for much of the day, your body surely pays some consequences. Leg pain, no matter where it originates, can be bothersome in your calf muscles, the fronts of your legs, and even your thighs. While it could mean that you should consider reorganizing your day to have rests, some careers may not allow for this. The nursing profession is no stranger to occupational leg pain as well as physical laborers.