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14 Health Foods That Are Dangerously Unhealthy

multi grain

These days it’s easier than ever to eat unhealthy food without even realizing it, making it more important than ever to read labels and really start thinking about the food that we eat. If you’ve only recently come to this realization and you’d like to learn more about how to be healthy, take a look at this list of the 12 health foods that are dangerously unhealthy.

These foods might look and sound healthy, but they’re actually really bad for you – and eating large quantities over a long period of time could prove dangerously unhealthy!

1. ‘Multi grain’ foods

Multi grain foods and breads seem to be becoming more popular, but don’t be fooled. These health foods are not the same as whole grain, and they do not contain all the health benefits you get from whole grain breads.

Typically, these multi grain breads are made from refined grains, meaning you’ll be eating bleached flour that doesn’t have all that much nutrition at all.