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14 Things Body Odor Says About Your Health

Feeling stressed. Frustrated young woman touching her head and keeping eyes closed while sitting at her working place in office

The body emits a lot of fluids and gases, so naturally it’s going to create odors too. We also emit our own unique odors which is something the animal kingdom has relied upon for thousands, if not millions, of years. But what can these odors say about you?

These days, body odor is considered a bad thing, given that we have a bounty of cleaning products that can get rid of them. However, if you notice a particular odor just won’t go away, or it smells bizarre, then it could be your body trying to tell you something about your health.

It’s important to take notice of these changes that occur in your body, so take a look at these 14 things that your body odor says about your health.

1. You might be stressed

Sure, you might sweat when you’re stressed, but your body actually releases other smells when it is mentally or physically stressed. The odor, however, cannot be detected by the human nose, which seems like a bizarre evolutionary trait.

Dogs can smell this odor, however, which is why they often act differently depending on a person’s mood. It’s true that dogs really can smell fear.

So, this isn’t really a smell that you might notice yourself, but it’s certainly a personal scent that says something about your health. If your dog suddenly seems calm and understanding, you might be a bit too stressed!