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15 Causes of an Eye Twitch

Eye twitches can be uncomfortable and annoying. The positive news is that ‘myokymia’, as eye twitches are called in medical terms, are generally benign, meaning that they are not serious. There’s seldom an underlying medical problem. Most eye twitches last only a short time and go away by themselves. If however, they persist for more than a few weeks it would be advisable to consult a medical professional. Twitches usually involve the lower eyelid, but can occasionally also affect the upper eyelid. You may feel that everyone is looking at you but, in reality, most are pretty subtle and not very noticeable. Usually, taking a little time to think about lifestyle changes will give an indication of the cause and the solution.

Here are 15 causes of eye twitching.

1) Light Sensitivity

Symptoms: Light sensitivity is the inability of the eyes to adjust to changes in the brightness of light, causing squinting, eye twitching and sometimes, headaches and nausea. People with light coloured eyes may be more prone to being light sensitive.
Possible Causes: Light sensitivity can be caused by a number of eye conditions, such as iritis, keratitis and uveitis. Certain illnesses, like fevers and measles, can also lead to increased sensitivity. Migraine headaches are often a contributing factor.
Solutions: Wearing dark glasses is the simplest remedy. Should the condition persist, consult your medical professional.