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15 Foods High in Potassium

Potassium is essential in the human diet. It serves a number of functions, including building proteins and muscles, breaking down carbohydrates and maintaining body growth. This mineral can be found in lots of food sources, and without it your heart can be put in extreme danger. Potassium is in fact responsible for the electrical activity in your heart, meaning that it’s essential you maintain adequate levels of the mineral in your diet.

There are lots of food sources for potassium, so there’s no reason why you should struggle to incorporate it into your diet. You can of course take potassium supplements if you have particular trouble, but by simply taking a look at the following 15 foods high in potassium, you can greatly increase your intake without the need for special supplements.

Read on and see how a simple diet improvement can change your life!

1. Orange juice

A glass of orange juice in the morning is more than just refreshing, it’s so nutritional! As well as packing an amazing C and B vitamin punch, a glass of orange juice gives you on average, 350mg of potassium. Be sure, however, to choose the fresh-squeezed orange juice option.

There are many orange juice brands out there that don’t contain anywhere near as much nutritional value as a result of adding sugar or even diluting the juice. With freshly squeezed orange juice, you get all the nutritious benefits of an orange without eating the flesh.

And, as well as getting lots of potassium, you’re giving your body an amazing source of calcium and folate, which is perfect for your bones.