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15 Foods High in Protein

Dietary protein is incredibly important. The protein is one of the basic building blocks of all life, and every single cell in your body uses it. A protein is made up of chains of amino acids, and if you don’t include enough of these in your diet, then your cells will have problems when repairing and regenerating.

While it is essential that everybody consume enough protein in their diet, it’s particularly important to make sure that a child’s diet has plenty of protein. This is necessary as a result of the constant growth going on within young bodies.

The three amino acids found in proteins include essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids and conditional amino acids. Conditionals are needed when you’re ill, nonessential are made by the body from essential acids, and essential amino acids can’t be made by the body and must be consumed in your diet. So if you’re looking to eat more protein, take a look at these 15 foods high in protein!

1. Tofu

You might never have thought about including tofu in your diet, but you really don’t just have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it. This is a food made of soybeans and while it’s often used as a meat substitute, it’s an amazing source of protein and can be cooked with a wide range of spices to create meatless, high-protein dishes.

Many people like to supplement their meat intake with tofu in order to develop and build muscle, and that’s a great idea. A 100g serving of tofu will deliver 15% of your daily protein requirement. Not only that, but it gives you 35% of your daily calcium intake.