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15 Health Benefits of Magnesium

Dietary magnesium is easily forgotten about. This is a nutrient that is absolutely necessary for a wide range of bodily functions, and now many throughout the Western world are suffering from magnesium deficiencies. There is no real reason, however, that somebody should suffer from such a deficiency. There are many different sources of magnesium, spanning vegetables, grains and nuts.

Most sources of magnesium in your diet will contain less than 10% of your recommended daily intake, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to get everything you need. It’s important to eat little and often throughout the day, and by consuming a healthy and balanced diet, you can ensure you get all the magnesium you need.

Oftentimes, vegetables that are not farmed organically contain less magnesium as a result of pesticides and fertilizers, so when you do buy vegetables, be sure to opt for organic!

But why exactly is magnesium so important? And why make the effort to change your diet? Take a look at these 15 health benefits and you’ll soon see why.

1. Biochemical reactions

Magnesium is a required part of hundreds of different biochemical reactions in the body, meaning that consuming more of this nutrient will keep almost all parts of your body healthy. From protein formation to the maintenance of your very DNA, magnesium plays a hugely important role.

By increasing your intake, you’ll also help keep your muscles contracting and relaxing properly, and even ensure neurotransmitters communicate effectively with the rest of your body.