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15 Signs of Dementia

It is common for all of us to have a moment when we are forgetful or cannot remember something as simple as what we ate for dinner the other day. While forgetfulness can be a common and non-bothersome ordeal, for some individuals, it could mean that a mental disease looms. Dementia is a largely common condition among mostly older adults and it is often a sad situation when the diagnosis occurs. The disease process is known for being quite slow and it can lead to problems for the individual including forgetting names, memories, and even to eat. It is important to understand some of warning issues of dementia that way you can possibly get early intervention. Listed below are 15 important signs of dementia.

1. Difficulty Completing Usual Tasks.

Life is usually surrounded around daily tasks that are repeated day after day and usually these tasks seem mindless. However, in the case of dementia, a warning sign to look out for is if you can no longer remember to do a familiar, simple task. Also, having issues with even starting the task and the steps involved may be an issue, which can be an early sign that something is not right. It is difficult to come to grips with dementia, but as the mind ages, the risk increases. If you feel that you are at risk for dementia, you should talk with your doctor and be evaluated for the condition.