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19 Low Glycemic Foods

Your body needs many vitamins and nutrients in order to grow, repair, and flourish as a unit. One of the most important nutrients for your health and wellness is sugar, which is the main player of carbohydrates and many foods. While sugars are necessary for your health, some argue that consuming sugars can be damaging to your health. This tends to be more on the true side, but generally too much sugar in your diet is what gets you into trouble. When you ingest a sugar or carbohydrate, the body responds in a way that helps to store the nutrients you just ate. This is commonly referred to as your glycemic load and it is a measure of how much your blood sugar spikes in response to a food. Let’s take a look at 19 common low glycemic foods so that you can better maintain your metabolic profile and help to prevent poor health from affecting you.

1. Oatmeal.

The first food on this list is a common food that you eat to start your day off the right way. So why does oatmeal help to start your day off the right way? For one it contains healthy fiber and carbs that help feed your mind and stimulate your digestive health. Oatmeal is also known for being a slow-releasing food that typically does not have your energy levels crashing in no time. This is due to it being low on the glycemic index and a typically serving of oatmeal lands at about 55 on the glycemic index.