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20 Facts About Obesity

Obesity is a hot topic health issue in recent decades and while many people tend to only view this condition as affecting your looks, obesity is now considered a disease that can contribute to other conditions. There are many things that can contribute to obesity, but mostly your lifestyle plays a role in this newly designated disease. The next time you head to your yearly physical and you are told that you are obese and need to adjust your body weight, consider some factors to assist you in your endeavors. Listed below are 20 things you ought to know about obesity and how it can affect you.

1. Obesity is an Epidemic.

Some experts suggest that obesity is not an epidemic because of the impact it has played on health, but truly this condition is an issue. Obesity is widely caused by lifestyle factors in which too much energy is consumed and too little is expended, simple enough right? Data suggests that about two in every three adults are considered obese, given today’s standards. In addition, if this epidemic remains intact, about half of the entire U.S. population will be obese by the year 2030. Obesity can be avoided with a lifestyle that promotes moderate caloric intake with plentiful physical activity.