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11 Signs of Food Poisoning

Food preparation is a delicate subject in many aspects of the industry. For one, food preparation in restaurants is something that happens with every shift and meal throughout the day. At home, food preparation could be how you cut vegetables, prepare and store meat, and marinate certain foods. Any food preparation has some risk of creating bacterial growth, which is something that happens in cross contamination of foods and when meats reach a temperature that is unsafe to eat. Regardless of your food preparation habits and where you eat throughout the workweek, there is a good chance of you getting some food poisoning, which is often the cause of unsafe food preparations. When food poisoning hits you, you may not understand how severe it may be without knowing the signs. Listed below are 11 signs of food poisoning you ought to be aware of.

1. Fever

Having a higher than normal temperature is a telltale sign of the flu, but this is where many people get confused when it comes to food poisoning. When you are infected with food poisoning, you may experience a higher than normal body temperature, which may have you thinking you have the flu. When your temperature is higher than normal, it is simply a defense mechanism your body employs in order to fight off the infection causing you to feel ill. If you feel like you are under the weather, consider taking your oral temperature to see if you have a fever. If so, it could indicate that you have a bout of the food poisoning.