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11 Signs of Ringworm

There are a number or illnesses and conditions out there that simply make the skin crawl upon hearing the name. Ringworm is one of those conditions and often it causes individuals to be grossed out simply just hearing the name of the infection. While the name sounds quite bad, ringworm is a condition that actually is caused by a fungus, rather than a worm. There are a number of signs and symptoms that appear to suggest that you may be infected with this fungus, which sometimes can be a challenge depending on the severity of the illness. Listed below are 11 common signs of ringworm that you should be aware of.

1. Wet Skin

For individuals who have wet skin often (such as swimmers, runners, wrestlers, and individuals who frequent public swimming pools), it is wise to do self-examinations of the skin and your body to assure that you are free from this fungal infection. Ringworm is usually caused from wet or damp skin that rubs or scrapes on body parts or surfaces that are not clean. Usually younger children are infected from this due to playing with other kids and it is spread from human contact. In order to prevent this infection from being a problem, it is wise to clean all surfaces in the house and areas where kids like to play. Following swimming or outdoor play, kids (and adults) should properly bathe or clean the skin.