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11 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation can arise in many forms throughout the body, some being quite harmless others causing serious discomfort. While not a condition on its own, inflammation can be a symptom of many conditions or causes such as anything from frostbite to more serious diseases such as some types of cancer. Inflammation is a response the body uses to protect cells from further damage and is characterized by four signs being calor, dolor, rubor and tumor (heat, pain, redness and swelling) as well as reduction or loss of function.

Inflammation can also affect those who experience allergic reactions such as hay fever, causing intense discomfort to people who are in situations where the disease is aggravated. This is also caused by the body’s reaction to something it believes is harmful and must isolate the cells to protect from further agitation.

If you experience regular inflammation and find no relief in using medications consistently, changes in diet can go a long way in providing an effective solution. Many of these foods have been used since ancient times for not just the treatment of inflammation but also for the amazing additional benefits many contain. Consider implementing some of these foods into your diet and you will likely start to see effects in a matter of weeks.


Ginger can be highly useful as a natural remedy for many ailments ranging from boosting one’s immune system to relieving motion sickness. Ginger has also shown to be an effect food for relieving pain and inflammation particularly in muscles and joints. Easing the immune response which can cause inflammation, ginger can be consumed either dry, fresh or ground up in a tea or as a spice in any meal. Ginger has often been referred to as nature’s ibuprofen due to its high anti inflammatory effects. Daily consumption of ginger will provide a wealth of health benefits particularly for easing pain and inflammation