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11 Causes of Blood in Your Urine

You are heading to the bathroom after feeling some discomfort in your abdominal area, after doing your business you turn and notice something that sends shivers down your spine – your urine is polluted with the red tinge of blood. This can cause alarm in many people prompting them to seek medical attention almost immediately. While it is never a good sign to see blood in the urine, also known as Hematuria, often times it may not be anywhere near as serious as you think. Although it is highly recommended you do speak to doctor to ensure that whatever might be causing the symptom isn’t the workings of a serious condition, spare some to read a little deeper, identify some other symptoms you might be experiencing and put together the whole story before you start rushing off to the ER.

Many different diseases, conditions or incidents affecting the body can cause hematuria. While some are completely benign and will pass with time, others might be the giving the first signs of something much more sinister.

Once again the only way to know for sure is to get an accurate diagnosis and let your doctor know exactly what else might be going on in your body. One thing is for sure though, blood in the urine should never be ignored as there some cases where the longer you do leave it off, the more serious and difficult to treat it can be become.

Infection in the Kidney Bladder or Prostate

With some infections in the bodily organs, red blood cells can find their way into the urine. This is one of the more serious causes of Hematuria and should be investigated immediately if you are experiencing issues such as pain and inflammation in other areas of the body. If the condition is left untreated infections are likely to cause further damage to the body with a higher chance of finding blood in the urine. Your doctor can perform the correct diagnosis to determine if these organs are at risk or if they have become infected and if you spot blood in your urine the first step would be to ensure the safety of your organs to avoid the conditioning worsening.