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12 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease can often be difficult to identify and with 1 in 8 people in the United States suffering from some form of chronic kidney disease, the risk of kidney failure is quite high. Kidney disease is known as any damage or disease, which affects the kidneys. With most kidney diseases leading to kidney failure, diagnosis and treatment is encouraged as soon as possible with any symptoms appearing, taken seriously.

There are many causes of kidney disease ranging from poor diet such as those with high levels of animal protein, fat and cholesterol, diabetes, long term usage of pain medications such as aspirin, chemotherapies or even being genetically predisposed. In cases symptoms can go unnoticed for quite sometime before patients connect the dots and realise they are quite ill, instead they may attribute many of these symptoms to other conditions or isolated in themselves.

If you happen to be suffering from any of these symptoms or several, contact a doctor immediately to identify the root cause. While kidney disease can be treated through kidney transplant, there is a shortage of donors and often times many of those who are waiting for a transplant, succumb to their illness before ever receiving it. Therefore it best to treat the illness in its infancy, to ensure the best outcome for your body.

Pain in the Back or Sides

One of the first symptoms which will give you an indication that your kidneys may be suffering, would pain or cramping in the back and sides. While sufferers of kidney disease do not always experience the pain, it can be quite common and is often the symptom that prompts people to suspect their kidneys may not be healthy. Pain will likely originate in the back and spread throughout the sides and even into the ground area. Pain can be caused by any number of diseases in the kidneys and should always be treated serious if it is recurring.