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11 Symptoms of Leukemia

Leukemia is comprised of a group of cancers originating from the marrow of the bone. As the bone marrow is the place blood cells are developed, the disruption to this process can lead to abnormal white blood cells being developed and produced uncontrollably. These white blood cells can place pressure on other types of blood cells such as red blood cells and platelets causing disruptions to many important bodily functions causing many of the symptoms associated with leukemia.

While the exact cause of leukemia is unknown, the disease can affect just about anyone regardless of age, gender or race. With many different kinds of leukemia there has been many causes associated however it is believed that these can be both inherited and environmental factors.

Treatments for leukemia involve chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy as well as bone marrow transplant. While the average five year survival rate in the United States is just 57%, for children under 15 the five year survival rate is around 60-85% with a much lower risk of the cancer reappearing. While many of the symptoms listed below are harmless in isolation, if you are feeling a number of these symptoms in conjunction with each other, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Joint & Bone Aches

As leukemia begins within the bones as abnormally formed blood cells, the bones and joints can be one of the area’s first felt during the onset of the cancer. As the healthy blood cells are progressively destroyed by cancerous ones, the aching and pain becomes more noticeable and more uncomfortable as the body struggles to perform the tasks of white blood cells with abnormally developed cells. If bones and joints within your body starts feeling weak and achy, it may be best to seek medical advice in case the ailments are the initial symptoms of leukemia.