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9 Amazing Dog Facts

Dogs are pretty amazing and one of the most popular pets around. As a domesticated form of the gray wolf, dogs are certainly man’s best friend, dedicating their lives to defending their masters and loving them unconditionally. Dogs are generally amazing creatures and every day we’re constantly learning much more about them. From the smallest at about 4 ounces to the largest those at about 343 lbs., dogs are very diverse and hence perform several functions for humans, like companionship, protection, and loyalty up to their dying breath.

Moreover, here are 9 amazing dog facts you might not have known:

1. Dogs can fall in love

Puppy love is not just a nice thought or way to describe adults who first fall in love. The idea that dogs can easily fall in love was proposed by a senior anthropologist named Elizabeth Thomas, author of The Social Lives of Dogs. She believed that two dogs named Bean and Sundog were agonized star-crossed lovers that had to stay apart since neither of their owners desired to give them up. But she believed they were madly in love. In addition to this, Professor Paul Zak at the Claremont Graduate University in California, established that the brain releases oxytocin when someone meets and is attracted to another person. This love hormone is released in both humans and dogs, thus helping them to feel love toward each other.